A beginner’s guide to Eversend

This beginner’s guide to Eversend is designed for anyone who has ever:

  • Faced high fees when sending money to friends in other African countries.
  • Been denied online purchases due to card restrictions.
  • A new Eversend user or simply curious about its capabilities, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to become an Eversend pro

Eversend: Your All-in-One Financial App for Africa

Established in 2019, Eversend has become a trusted financial platform for over 6 African countries. Think of it as your personal financial assistant, offering a range of services to simplify your money management. The beginner’s guide to Eversend will cover its key aspects which include:

  • Effortless Cross-Border Transfers: Sending money to loved ones or businesses in other African countries is a smooth process. Simply, top up your Eversend wallet, enter recipient details, and the transfer is complete – minimizing stress and transaction fees. Moreover, for greater convenience, transfers between Eversend users are entirely free.
  • Quick and Easy Money Reception: Getting paid for freelance work or online ventures? Eversend allows clients to send funds directly to your wallet within minutes, without requiring them to download the app. Simply share your unique Eversend tag for a seamless receiving experience. In addition, terms and conditions always apply.
  • Reliable Virtual Cards for Online Shopping: Encountered payment rejections at checkout? Eversend’s virtual cards come to the rescue as your online shopping companion.  More so, these versatile cards are widely accepted by numerous websites, and you can even create multiple cards for specific purposes. Security is paramount – you can freeze, delete, and track spending with just a few taps. Additionally, unlike some competitors, Eversend’s virtual cards are budget-friendly.
  • Flexible Currency Exchange: Need to convert your local currency for international transactions? Eversend offers the ability to exchange funds for major currencies like USD or GBP. However, while not designed as a long-term savings solution, this feature proves valuable for urgent online purchases or emergencies like medical bills using your virtual card. Even more, switching between currencies for optimal flexibility is a breeze.
  • Streamlined Bill Payments: Managing bills can be a chore, but Eversend simplifies the process. Therefore, you can pay your electricity, airtime, and other bills directly within the app, using any available currency in your account. Save bill details with personalized nicknames (think “Electric Eel” for electricity) for easy future reference.

Moving Money Your Way: Efficient Withdrawals

We’ve explored sending, saving, and spending with Eversend, but what about accessing your cash directly? 

Eversend facilitates effortless withdrawals to your bank account or mobile money platform. With just a few taps, your funds are on their way.

Experience the Speed and Convenience of Eversend

Eversend is your comprehensive solution for sending, saving on fees, and managing your money across Africa. Download the app today and unlock a world of financial freedom.  

Customer Feedback – Eversend in action

Before using Eversend, managing my payments was a hassle. However, since I started using their platform, sending and receiving money across borders has become seamless and cost-effective. Moreover, Eversend’s user-friendly interface and competitive rates have made it my go-to choice for all my payment needs.

~ Powell Atumanya 

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