Eversend – How much does it cost to transfer money?

We believe your money should be spent on whatmatters, so we are working hard to bring you no-cost transfers with Eversend.

While we work on that, the cost of international money transfers right now differs across countries and payment methods.

The transaction cost vary according to a number of factors.

How you load the money

Loading with mobile money, credit card, or debit cards

For example, different card issuers charge differently for payments you make from the card, as a standard procedure.

Foreign exchange (2–3.5%.)

Where you send the money to

For instance, Mobile money or Eversend wallet
For example, the cost of sending to these countries would be slightly different.

  1. Sending to Uganda mobile money.
  2. Sending to Kenya mobile money.
  3. Sending to Rwanda mobile money.
  4. Sending to an Eversend wallet. (Completely free of charge!)

We make sure to clearly show you the total cost in the app before you send your money — when you enter your transaction details on the app.

How to understand the cost displayed

E.g. on the upper left.

To transfer -100,000 UGX to Kenya, the recipient gets 2589.80 KES.
The total charge is 2,300 UGX, displayed beneath the amount transferred.

User interface showing you how much we charge you.

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