Eversend – Affordable Money Transfer in Africa

Sending or receiving money should be simple right? but is it? It is not always that simple and that’s why we have made it our mission to have affordable money transfer across borders.

There are many limitations to money transfers e.g.

  • Convenience: Where and how many places you can send money to, the different sending/receiving options (Bank, mobile money, cash pick-up points), multi-currency options, large transaction volumes, etc.
  • Speed: How fast you can send or receive money
  • Security: Safe and secure transactions
  • Cost: Cost to send or receive money

We then set out to build a multi-currency wallet for all your money needs simplifying global money transfers. We started by enabling transfers to 5 countries in Africa i.e. Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda. We are working on expanding to many more countries.

Why the solution

How we drive convenience with options that meet the customers’ need

  1. Eversend enables you to send to 7 African countries which are Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda with more countries coming soon.
  2. Hold or exchange currency at great rates with our multi-currency wallets allowing you to hold up to 7 currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, NGN, GHS, KES, RWF, and UGX
  3. Instant Eversend to Eversend transfers enable you to send money to Eversend users in all the countries we operate in.
  4. Eversend to mobile money transfers enable you to send money to non-Eversend customers with a mobile money account or even withdraw from your Eversend wallet to your own mobile money account.
  5. Eversend to bank transfers enable you to send money from your Eversend wallet to a bank account.
  6. Euro, GBP, and USD virtual accounts enable you to receive foreign currency payments straight to your Eversend wallet.
  7. Eversend Payment tags enable you to receive money from both Eversend and non-Eversend users. Non- Eversend users are able to transfer funds using mobile money straight to their Eversend wallet.
  8. Top up your Eversend wallet via mobile money, bank account, credit/debit card

We are 10X cheaper and faster than your bank

We ensure you send and receive money from friends and family at affordable rates. Our goal is to drive the cost of payments to zero and that is why we do not charge sending fees. Many of the fees you pay on Eversend are associated with wallet top-ups from our partners e.g. when topping up your wallet via mobile money, the partner will levy a charge directly or through us which is not at Eversend cost but a 3rd party cost of doing business. All those costs put together will still be cheaper than your traditional bank when it comes to moving money.

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