8 tips on how to achieve your goals

You can achieve your goals this year and in the years to come. The fact that you are reading this means that you are not a quitter and are pursuing your goals to their fulfillment. I have set many goals over the years that I didn’t achieve and as I reflected on what went wrong, I found out a couple of things that hindered me from winning. I share those insights below. I now achieve more of my goals because I know how to set actionable goals than before.

This article is one of 3 in our goal-setting series. If you have not read the first and second articles,  check them out. Here are 8 tips that will help you achieve your goals this year.

It’s all in the mind 

Whether you think that you can or you cannot, you are right. Everything starts in your mind. Your body cannot go where your mind has not been. Whatever goals you have set, visualize yourself achieving them. It will unlock the creativity and stamina to enable you to reach your goals. Once you have set your mind on something, guard your mind against people, places, and circumstances that contradict the mental picture you established of your goals. In the process of building when they are applying concrete say to a pillar or foundation, it is applied and allowed to set. But once it has set, that’s it you can remold it. Set your mind on your goal. 

Know better, be better, do better 

Know more this year than you knew last year about the things that matter to you. If it didn’t work, change it. Learn something new. You can only do that which you know how to do. So learn how to do it. If you cannot do it, get help or find somebody who can. Your goals evolve just like you. What you achieved last isn’t what you need this year. How many books are you reading this year, and how many places are you traveling to? how many new people are you meeting and being valuable to? Be more this year and do more this year.

Keep good company 

If you’re an average of the 5 people you hang around, find the best 5. Keep good company of like-minded people who drive and challenge you to be better. If you are the best in your current circles, it is time to move up where you will be challenged further. Good company will help you be accountable and hold you to your goals. I remember hanging around my friends who owned Subarus, guess what I am driving now? (your right, it is a Subaru). Maybe I need to find myself a circle of Mercedez owners

Do it now not later

Always have a bias for action. Create a performance-based culture. When you set out to do something, do it now and do it quickly. Avoid procrastination. Do that thing today. The only thing that will be different this time next year is that you still would nothing done nothing about that thing you wanted to do and you will be less motivated than you are now. Do it now, do it quickly.

Measure and review often

You cannot grow what you cannot measure. How will you know you have achieved your goal if you cannot measure it? Find ways to measure progress and review your goals as often as possible. I advise depending on the goals, that you review weekly. Identify what is working and do more of that. Stop what is not working. This requires some level of flexibility to change direction if you hit a wall. There are many ways to your goal. If you hit a roadblock, do not stop. Find another road.

Self awareness

We are usually our worst enemies even if we sometimes do not know it. Know yourself well enough to know how you work and why you work the way you do. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you identify how best to approach your goals. Do you do better with smaller goals working your way to the bigger ones or do you set very large goals? What motivates you? what keeps you going? Does the environment affect you? Do you thrive better in groups or are you self motivated? Know yourself.

Be patient

I know we all want it quick but some things take time. Be committed, be consistent, and keep working on it. Give it enough time to produce results before you jump to the next thing. You cannot plant a mango today and eat its fruit tomorrow. Be patient, keep the momentum.

Nothing beats action. 

After all the talk, nothing beats action. Put in the work. Small consistent steps over time are better than big sparse steps. Keep peddling even when it doesn’t look like there is much progress above the water. Keep at it and do not give up. Looking back, it will all add up as you enjoy the satisfaction of a goal achieved.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog or found it useful. This is a 3 part series on goal-setting to address why we should set goals, how to set them, and how to achieve them. If you loved this post, check out the rest and share it with your friends. Also, check out the Eversend app that helps you send, pay, and shop globally.

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