How to set actionable goals that are easy to achieve

It is a new year and for some of you, goal setting has been a frustrating process because you didn’t achieve most of the goals you set out last year. We are going to look at how to set actionable goals that are easier to execute for guaranteed results this year.

So whatever the reason may be, we hope these pointers are the missing piece to you achieving your goals. Now you can go at it again but this time more intentional and smarter than before. 

If you have not checked out our last article that broke down why you should set goals, check it out. Actionable goals are not difficult to set. Actionable goals have a strong why (purpose) and they are SMART. Let us dive into how to set actionable goals. 

1. Start with why

The purpose is the why behind the goal. An actionable goal has a strong why. A strong why will be one of your biggest motivations to keep you pushing through a goal especially when it gets tough and it will. A strong why will toughen you up when the going gets tough. Let your why be clear.

2. Set S.M.A.R.T goals

Most of us have heard about SMART goals. This framework is the basis for actionable goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. When you use this framework to set a goal it is more actionable than when the goal isn’t smart. The goal of losing weight isn’t smart. A goal of losing 10kg in 6 months is smart. 

3. Write your goals down

While this seems obvious, it is not. Goals should not remain in your head. They should be written down. Writing down helps you articulate your goals and frame them better than they are in your head. Written goals are easier to refer to, remember, and be accountable for than unwritten goals.

4. Make an action plan

After you’ve written down your goals, get each goal and break it down into smaller actionable tasks that you can execute daily or weekly, spread over a defined time. This will ensure that you maintain the momentum that is necessary for performance. 

5. Accountability and regular review

If you keep all your goals to yourself, it is easy to give up sometimes. Get a mentor, a friend, or somebody you look up to, to hold you accountable. If you review your progress often, it is easy to identify what is working and quickly adapt or make changes. 

We hope you have enjoyed this blog or found it useful. This is a 3 part series on goal-setting to address why we should set goals, how to set them, and how to achieve them. If you loved this post, check out the rest and share it with your friends. Also, check out the Eversend app that helps you send, pay, and shop globally.

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