Important Changes to Eversend Virtual USD Card Deletion Policy

We have updated our policy regarding the management of your virtual USD card within the Eversend app. This change has been implemented to ensure better service and security for our valued customers and merchant partners. We share more information below.

What Is The Issue?

We’ve identified an issue wherein some users have been making online purchases with their virtual card and then deleting the card before the transaction completes. This impacts our relationship with merchants and puts us at financial risk due to forced charges, which can occur even after a card is deleted.

Our Solution:

To address this, we’re introducing a “cooling down” period. Here’s how it works:

  1. If you delete a virtual USD card, it will be disabled and go into a frozen state for you. However, it will still be able to receive payments for 24 hours, giving sufficient time for all merchants to finalize and charge for any pending transactions.
  2. Our systems will check for any payment attempts on the card you opted to delete, and if there are none, the card deletion will be completed, and any funds will be sent to your Eversend USD wallet. 
  3. If there are payment attempts, we will wait until the cooling-off period ends and complete the card deletion. Again, any funds on the card will be refunded.  
  4. This ensures all transactions made with the card are completed successfully, safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.

What This Means For You: 

  1. Delayed Refunds: We understand the importance of liquidity and access to your funds. However, due to the cooling down period, the balance on deleted cards might not immediately reflect in your Eversend wallet.
  2. Enhanced Security: This change reinforces the security of your transactions and ensures a smoother experience with online merchants.
  3. Maintaining Trust: By ensuring all transactions are completed, we maintain trust with our merchant partners, which, in the long run, benefits our user community.

We recognize that this may cause a minor inconvenience for some users. Please know that this decision was made after careful consideration and with the intent to foster a more secure and trustworthy platform for all our stakeholders. 

We genuinely appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this update, our support team is available to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Eversend. Together, let’s continue building a more secure and reliable financial ecosystem.

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