Security on the Eversend Virtual Card

In today’s digital age, where online transactions are becoming increasingly prevalent, ensuring financial  data security has never been more critical. Eversend Virtual Card offers a convenient and secure way to  make online purchases, but it is essential to understand the measures put in place to protect your financial  information. Let’s delve into the comprehensive security measures implemented by Eversend to safeguard  your transactions and personal data. 

Introduction on the Eversend Virtual Card

The Eversend Virtual Card is a digital representation of physical payment cards that can be used for online  transactions. We provide an added layer of security by generating unique card numbers, to reduce the risk  of data breaches and identity theft. With the rise of cyber threats and fraudulent activities, prioritizing  security in digital transactions is paramount. Eversend recognizes the importance of safeguarding users’  financial data and has implemented robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access and  fraudulent transactions. 

Encryption Techniques 

SSL/TLS Encryption: Eversend prioritizes user data protection by encrypting communication with  SSL/TLS, and securing card details and personal information during transmission. While users may prefer  Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Eversend focuses on robust encryption to ensure comprehensive  transaction security. The adoption of SSL/TLS underscores Eversend’s commitment to safeguarding user  information throughout their interactions with the platform. In essence, the adoption of this encryption is  to ensure that user information remains secure throughout the entirety of their interactions with the platform. 

Tokenization: This feature replaces sensitive card information with a unique token, rendering the actual  card data meaningless if intercepted. This adds an extra layer of security to Eversend transactions by  protecting users’ card details from being compromised. 

Transaction Limits and Restrictions 

Daily Funding & Spending Limits: On funding, users can top up or fund their virtual cards up to $2,500 per funding attempt. These funding attempts can be done as many times as possible by users daily, weekly and monthly without any limit. On spending, users can make payments of any amount via their cards as many times as they want to daily, weekly and monthly. However, for compliance purpose, we carry review high-amount payments.

Location-Based Restrictions: While the Eversend virtual card itself offers robust security features,  including encryption and transaction monitoring, additional layers of protection are implemented through  restrictions imposed on specific merchant platforms. Merchant platforms operating in regions with  stringent data protection laws or financial regulations such as Russia may be subject to additional  scrutiny, leading to restrictions on the use of the Eversend virtual card to ensure compliance with relevant  legal requirements.

Platforms the Eversend Virtual Card Does Not Work On 

The Eversend virtual card, while offering convenient and secure transactions across various platforms,  notably excludes compatibility with Crypto and Betting platforms for several reasons. Crypto and  betting platforms often involve high-risk transactions susceptible to fraudulent activities. Many countries  have stringent regulations surrounding crypto trading and online betting due to concerns about money  laundering, tax evasion, and consumer protection.  

Crypto and betting transactions are inherently high risk due to their speculative nature and potential for  substantial financial losses. Restricting the virtual card’s usage on crypto and betting platforms helps  Eversend mitigate legal risks and avoid potential conflicts with regulatory authorities, also, to discourage  users.

Real-time monitoring and Alerts 

Transaction Notifications: Eversend sends real-time notifications via the mobile app alerts for every  transaction made using users’ virtual cards, enabling them to monitor their account activity closely and  identify any unauthorized transactions promptly. 

Suspicious Activity Alerts: Eversend utilizes advanced fraud detection algorithms to identify potentially  fraudulent transactions and trigger alerts for users, prompting them to review and verify suspicious  transactions, and take immediate action to prevent further unauthorized activity. 

Account Activity Reports: Users can access detailed account activity reports, providing insights into  their virtual card transactions, including dates, times, merchants, and amounts, empowering them to  monitor their spending habits, identify discrepancies, and report suspicious activity to Eversend. 

Eversend Virtual Card Freezing, Deletion, and Expiry 

Temporary Freeze Feature: This feature allows users to temporarily freeze their virtual cards if they  suspect unauthorized activity preventing any new transactions from being authorized until the cards are  unfrozen, and reducing the risk of fraudulent charges. 

Self-Service Card Management: Eversend offers users the ability to select different colors for cards,  facilitating easy identification and personalization. This functionality enhances user experience by  allowing individuals to tailor their cards according to their preferences and needs. 

Card Deletion: We understand the importance of flexibility and security for our users, which is why we  offer a convenient delete feature for our virtual cards. This feature empowers users to take control of their  financial security by allowing them to delete their cards at any time. Whether there’s a potential threat to  the card’s security or the user simply no longer needs it, the delete feature ensures that users can protect  their funds.  

Card Expiry: Eversend sets virtual cards to expire after a predetermined period, ie. up to 3 years from  the time of creation thereby automatically invalidating outdated card details, and reducing the risk of 

unauthorized transactions and data breaches.

Enhanced Data Security Standards 

PCI DSS Compliance: Eversend complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI  DSS), ensuring the secure handling of cardholder data by implementing robust security measures and best  practices to protect users’ privacy and financial data. 

Strong Authentication Protocols: We implement strong authentication protocols, such as OAuth and  OpenID Connect, to ensure secure authentication and authorization processes, using industry-standard  cryptographic algorithms and tokenization techniques to protect users’ credentials and prevent  unauthorized access to their accounts. 

Risk Assessment and Fraud Detection 

Pattern Recognition: Eversend employs pattern recognition algorithms to identify common fraud  patterns and modus operandi used by cybercriminals to perpetrate fraudulent transactions, flagging  transactions that match known fraud patterns and preventing unauthorized charges. 

Anomaly Detection: We utilize anomaly detection algorithms to monitor users’ transaction behavior,  alerting providers to deviations from normal patterns, such as unusual spending patterns or geographic  locations, indicating potential fraud, and prompting further investigation and preventive action. 

Employee Training and Awareness 

Through a combination of rigorous training and proactive measures, employees contribute to maintaining  the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. Eversend conducts security awareness training  programs to ensure employees especially the customer support team are prepared to respond swiftly and  effectively to security incidents or data breaches. By following predefined protocols, employees can contain  incidents, notify relevant stakeholders, and implement remediation measures promptly, thereby mitigating  potential harm to users and the organization. By prioritizing the security of user data and staying vigilant  against emerging threats, employees uphold Eversend’s commitment to protecting sensitive information  and fostering trust among its user base. 


Safety first is the guiding principle in ensuring security on Eversend virtual cards. Users are encouraged  to proactively safeguard their financial information to enjoy the platform’s benefits with confidence.  Eversend demonstrates an unwavering commitment to protecting user data through comprehensive  security measures, ensuring a safe and secure digital payment experience. Users can trust in state-of-the art security practices, enabling confident and convenient transactions in the digital world.

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