How to Add an IP Address for Eversend Business

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is paramount, especially for businesses handling sensitive financial transactions. Enforced IP address whitelisting is a robust security measure that adds an extra layer of protection to your Eversend Business account. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of adding an IP address for Eversend Business, ensuring secure access and mitigating unauthorised access risks.

Understanding Enforced IP Address Whitelisting

Enforced IP address whitelisting is a security feature that restricts access to your Eversend Business account based on predefined IP addresses. Only networks with approved IP addresses can connect to your account, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Step 1: Accessing Eversend Business Settings

  1. Login to Eversend Business: Log in to your Eversend Business account using your credentials. Navigate to the Business Settings section, then click on the Developers tab.
  2. Scroll down to the IP Whitelist section: This is where you can add, or remove approved IP addresses for accessing your Eversend APIs.

Step 2: Adding Approved IP Addresses

  1. Identify Trusted Networks: Determine the IP addresses of the networks that you trust and want to grant access to your Eversend API. This may include your office network, VPN connections, or specific devices used for your business operations. You can get your network IP from this website if you are using a local telco:
  2. Add IP Addresses: In the IP Whitelisting section, select “Allow access from specific IP address” and click the “Allow access” button. Enter the IP address that you wish to whitelist. Provide a meaningful label for each entry to easily identify approved sources.
  3. Save Changes: Once you’ve added the desired IP addresses, save your changes to apply the whitelist settings. Eversend Business will now restrict access to your account based on the specified IP address criteria.

Step 3: Testing and Verification

  1. Test Access: Ensure that networks with approved IP addresses can successfully access your Eversend APIs. Test access from different locations or devices to validate the IP whitelisting configuration.
  2. Monitor and Audit: Regularly monitor the audit trail within your Eversend Business account. 

Best Practices for IP Address Whitelisting

  1. Regular Updates: Periodically review and update your list of approved IP addresses based on changing business needs, network configurations, or security policies. 
  2. Security Awareness: Educate your team about the importance of IP whitelisting, cybersecurity best practices, and vigilance against phishing or social engineering attacks.

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