Eversend launches Donations

Eversend, the African fintech company that offers low cost cross-border money transfer, currency exchange, multi currency accounts and bill payments is launching Donations, a feature that allows users to give to their favourite charities.

Eversend Donations

Users can donate from the app with a few taps. Donors can see how much they’ve given over time and the total amount that has been donated by Eversend members to the specific causes.

Eversend Donations is launching with 3 oragnisations in Uganda and aiming to add others in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda very soon.

1. 40 Days over 40 Smiles Foundation – an independent and youth led charity organisation committed to helping vulnerable children and communities accept quality, all-round educational support and entrepreneurial training aimed at self-sustainability.

2. Boundless Minds – supports work-readiness and school-to-work transition for students across the education spectrum. They aim to enhance the development of soft skills through training, community service and job matching.

3. Femme Forte – an organisation promoting safe spaces for women. A not-for-profit movement that promotes and protects the rights and wellbeing of young women.

Organisations will be able to get donations from across the countries they operate but also from around the world and donors can pay in multiple currencies.

The problem with using international giving platforms has always been the limited service they offer African organisations.

Going forward, we will expand this feature to include the possibility for anyone to create a campaign and get funding from around the world.

Eversend is committed to innovating across financial services by providing world class solutions to African problems.

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