Dami’s Journey – Women in Fintech

Before I joined Eversend, I struggled with confidence in professional and social contexts. I believed in my abilities, but most often, I doubted my capacity to express myself at a certain level. Eversend changed all of that for me.

Dami’s Growth at Eversend

Eversend is one of those organisations that intentionally amplifies the strengths of its people and works with them to de-emphasise their weaknesses. I have enjoyed that privilege here at Eversend, more so as a female leader in a tech industry that is still acutely male-dominated. Working here gave me a big boost in my career and has increased my capacity for self-expression and growth.

As I reflect on the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day celebration, I see that Eversend represents the value of inclusion and has levelled the playing field to the extent that women like me can feel seen, heard, and followed. Of course, I recognise that there’s a long way to go, but imagine the progress we could make if we replicated Eversend’s inclusion model across many organisations and institutions in Africa and globally.

I have many fond memories of my time here: the vacation that fell on my birthday, the team bonding sessions, and the flexible remote work system. More so, the most significant of them all are the opportunities I’ve had to grow professionally and personally. As a female leader at Eversend, I’ve found a sense of empowerment and confidence in my role. To know that my voice and opinions are valued has been incredibly affirming. It’s inspiring to work in an environment where diversity and inclusion are  actively embraced.

It is encouraging to be part of an organisation that isn’t just about making money but also making a difference in the marketplace and in the lives of the people they touch. Eversend inspires me daily, and on International Women’s Day, I am glad to be a part of an organisation that inspires inclusion.

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