What is Eversend?

Exchange, save and send money instantly at the best possible rates - within and beyond Africa.

We started with one inspired young man fixing the perils of sending remittances to her grandma in Uganda. Now we’re building the financial octopus for Africa and beyond.

Today, we have built a multi-currency e-wallet that helps you send money and airtime across borders at the cheapest, fastest, safest way possible.

Live now:

  • Manage UGX, KES and USD from your fingertips
  • Load with Visa/Mastercard/American Express, or mobile money (UG/KY)
  • Deliver into mobile money in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda (more coming!)
  • Deliver between Eversend wallets for free
  • Pay for airtime (Uganda and Kenya!)

And we are dreaming bigger.

We will soon provide other financial services (loans, insurance, other bill payments) through the app.

How does Eversend work?

1. Add money to your Eversend wallet.

From this balance, you will be able to exchange currencies, send money, or buy airtime.

You can do this using

  • Debit or credit card (Mastercard / Visa / Maestro / American Express)
  • Mobile money (in Kenya and Uganda)

2. Exchange between currencies. Now in UGX, USD, KES. We are working to add more!

3. Send money to mobile money accounts (in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania) or Eversend wallets.

4. Send airtime (to Kenya and Uganda).

Which countries are supported by Eversend?

Send from:

We are currently only supporting legal residents of the following countries.

Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda

Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Rest of the World: Australia, Canada, India, Kuwait, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States

We are launching in many more countries soon, stay tuned!

Send to:

You can send your money to other Eversend wallets, or mobile money accounts in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

How long does it take for my money to reach the recipient?

Mobile money: Approximately 5 minutes

Bank accounts: Same day, or next day if the money was sent after 4pm.

What are our charges on sending money?

We believe your money should be spent on what matters, so we are working hard to bring you no-cost transfers.

While we work on that, the cost of international money transfers on Eversend differs across countries and payment methods.

The transaction cost vary according to a number of factors.

1. How you load and deliver the money

There's a small charge that your issuing bank and mobile money service providers deduct that isn't taken by us.
e.g. Different card issuers charge differently for payments you make from the card.

2. We charge 1.5–3.5% on the foreign exchange rate.

For example, the cost of sending to these countries would be slightly different.

  • Sending to Uganda mobile money.
  • Sending to Kenya mobile money.
  • Sending to Rwanda mobile money.
  • Sending to an Eversend wallet. (Completely free of charge)

This amount is not constant due to the above factors, but we make sure to clearly show you the total cost in the app before you send your money  — when you enter your transaction details on the app.

What are our charges on airtime?

Sending airtime using any of your eversend wallet money is free of service charge.

How safe is the app?

The Eversend wallet is a safe place to store, send, or manage money. We work with a reputable financial institution to ensure all money loaded is stored in encrypted and secured accounts. We pride ourselves on the robust security measures we have in place. We’ve transferred millions of USD, and have never lost a cent. We hope this will make you feel confident to trust us with your money.

Our policies and procedures are also designed to protect both your confidentiality and the security of your information, including your personal and card information. We store and process your personal information using our servers located in secure data centres, that are protected by firewalls and have restricted access in compliance with applicable regulations. All data passed between Eversend mobile apps, our servers, and third parties are SSL encrypted so no one outside the system can access them.

What is the age limit?

You need to be 18 years old or above to open an Eversend account.

How do I download the Eversend app?

You can download our app directly from the Google Play. We will soon have a USSD channel in some African countries to serve those without internet access.

How do I get verified on Eversend?

After you’ve registered with Eversend, we’ll ask you to take:

  • A photo of a valid, original GOVERNMENT-ISSUED photo ID (passports, government ID, license. So not your hospital card, loan card, or other cards not issued by the government)
  • A photo of your face

Go to 'Profile' under the 'More' section of our app, and verify your identity. We may request a copy of your legal right to remain in one of our supported countries (e.g. visa, residence permit).

Tips for a fail-proof verification:

  • Take a clear picture of your identity document, where every single detail is readable without any blur
  • Take the photos somewhere brightly lit
  • Turn flash off to avoid glare on your documents
  • Make sure the details on your Eversend profile match the details on your legal document
  • Make sure that your legal document has at least 3 months validity left on it
  • Do not take a picture of a picture

You’ll hear back from 10 minutes to a day.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

You need to verify your identity in order to use your Eversend account. This policy is in line with a finance regulation commonly known as 'Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients. It is simply an anti-corruption and fraud measure.

Until you have completed this step, you are not bound by Eversend’s General Terms of Service. Any card top-ups or bank transfers you send into your Eversend account before verifying your identity will be made at your own risk and are subject to applicable fees.

How do I edit my personal details?

If you have not verified your account yet, you can edit your personal details in the Profile section of the app.

Once your identity has been verified, you will be able to edit some of your details but not all. Please contact the support team should you wish to change any of this information.

I’m unable to verify my identity

If you are waiting for the verification result, please note that it can take anywhere between 10 minutes and 1 day for you to hear back from us. If your verification has failed, please try again and double-check that your images are clear and all document photos are readable without any blur or glare.

Please note that you must be 18 years or older to open a Eversend account.

How do I add money by card?

  1. Open the Eversend app and tap ‘Add money'
  2. Add your correct card details including the 16-digit card number, expiry date, and CVV code
  3. Enter the amount you would like to add
  4. If successful, your top-up will appear instantly in your wallet

The card must be your own. If someone else would like to add money to your Eversend account, they can send money to your account instantly via their Eversend app.

How do I verify my card when I add it to my wallet?

Verifying your top-up card lets us know that the card you used to add money to your Eversend account is your own.

he first time you add a card to your Eversend wallet, we will limit it to a small amount (11 USD) until someone from our team reaches out to you to have it verified. The card must be your own.

Once it is verified, you will be free to use it in the app for larger amounts.

What cards are supported?

You can top up your Eversend account with a debit or credit card that operate in UGX, TZS, GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, HKD, NOK, PLN, RON, and SEK. We currently support Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro cards.

Please note, credit card top-ups will be recognised as a normal card transaction, not a cash advance.

How do I add money by mobile money?

  1. Click ‘Add money’ for currencies where we support mobile money (currently: UGX and KES)
  2. Enter the amount and tap ‘Load Money’
  3. We will send a debit request to your default registered number
  4. We will need to verify the numbers by SMS before we allow it for top ups

You can add more than one number for mobile money top ups.

Are there any top-up limits?

Yes, reach out to us to let you know what your limit is. On some occasions, we may ask you to verify your source of funds.

How do I add money by cash?

Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques or cash deposits into your Eversend account.

How do I exchange money via the Eversend app?

You can exchange between currencies in the Exchange section of the app.

Just enter the amount of money you would like to exchange on the top and the amount you will receive will appear in the box below. Click ‘Exchange’, and that's it - your balance will be updated.

We are currently working to get our exchange rate as close to the interbank rate as possible.

Why has my add money request failed?

Some of the most common reasons are that you've had insufficient funds, input wrong card details (expiry date, CVV, billing address), or used an expired card. Please contact your card issuer directly as they might have declined our authorisation request for various reasons. We also have a daily top-up limit for recently added top-up cards, so please wait until the next day if you have just added a new card and topped up successfully with it before. This daily limit will be increased automatically after a few top-ups.

Why is my add money request still pending?

Ideally, topping up by card should be instant. If your top-up is still pending, it’s likely that the funds will be reverted back to your bank account shortly.

The recipient has not received the money

Please double-check the estimated arrival date of your transfer. Reach out to the Eversend support team if a mobile money transfer has taken more than 6 hours or if a bank transfer has taken more than 3 days to reach the recipient’s account. If it turns out that the recipient’s details are incorrect, please contact our support team and we’ll look right into this for you.

How do refunds work?

1. Am I charged when a refund is initiated?

No, we refund fees and the amount of transaction if the transaction is not successful.

2. My transaction failed, got canceled, refunded - do I get charged again when I try the transaction again?

Yes for that particular transaction. but your fees will already have been refunded before.

3. I added the minimum amount with a card that was later unverified. Do I get the money back?

Yes. we will refund the money back to the card where it came from. This includes also the service charge.

How do I cancel a transaction that has been sent?

If it has not yet been delivered, get in touch with us through our “help” button in the app.

If it has been delivered, we can’t get it back.

What’s the maximum amount that I can store on the Eversend wallet?

3000 USD, get in touch with us if you would like to store more. We might need to do enhanced due diligence for larger amounts.

What’s the maximum and minimum amount I can transact?

Play with the app, as there are many variations depending on the country, payment, and delivery method. The app will show you the amount with your chosen arrangements.

I forgot my passcode, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your passcode to access the Eversend app, tap on ‘Forgot?’ in the login page of the app and follow the simple instructions to reset your passcode.

How do I terminate my Eversend account?

An Eversend user can terminate their account by contacting us through the HELP function in the app or by emailing [email protected] If you would like to close your account you will first need to withdraw all of the funds in all currency wallets.

However, we don’t advise closing your Eversend account as it can take a bit of time to set up a new account with the same mobile number. Eversend doesn’t charge you to keep an account open that is not in use.

Inviting a friend

Please spread the word! You can easily invite your friends to Eversend by going to the 'More' section in the app, tapping 'Invite', and sharing in Whatsapp, email, messenger, SMS and multiple other ways.

Media enquiries

Please write to us at [email protected] if you have any media enquiry. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Partnership enquiries

Please write to us at [email protected] if you have any partnership enquiry. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.